Coaching and Operational Excellence

Coaching and operational excellence can be initiated after a successful implementation of Agile transformation.

The following are some of the key criteria that will be used to assess the successful delivery of the transformation;
Success Criteria: Sign-off by management on agreed Value Stream and Agile Release Train

  • The various functions within the organisation accept and utilise the new structure and ways of working
  • People are focused beyond merely getting something working towards getting it working to a degree previously designated which constitutes success. (It’s not just running, it’s running the way it should be running)
  • There is a group approval, and a lack of cynicism; the programs show multiple sign-offs from diverse team members
  • Meeting and discussions clearly reveal that others were included and valued in the decision making the process, and that such inclusion was mandatory for success.

Delivering organisational change initiatives requires the stable running of operational activities. SAFe® ensures that stakeholders in an organisation are focused on delivering value to the customer. The customer is identified in the value stream, the teams in the organisation are trained to collaboratively use new ways of working that efficiently produce outcomes. This will be achieved through coaching by a LITT consultant in order to guarantee operational excellence.