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The art of storytelling you should master as a product manager

A very important skill needed for being a product manager is to be a good storyteller. Storytelling is an art of course butfortunately, it’s an art that can be learned and mastered. Over time with some experience, you will become a good storyteller,after all, you are selling your product and your work all the time [...]
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What is an Epic and User Story? How to name Epics & User Stories?

Basic understanding of epics & user stories. What is an Epic? There is no Wikipedia definition of Epic yet as the concept is still evolving. But there is a basic understanding of what is an Epic. If you are new in your PM role this will look confusing, sometimes epic can be a major feature [...]
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Valuable Lessons for Product Managers — Part 2

Innovation needs an entrepreneurial mindset. Innovation is a change that unlocks new values Don’t get me wrong, (here) I am, not saying you shouldn't be data-driven. Being data-driven will help you make decisions based on facts. What I am saying is Innovation needs looking beyond data. Analyzing deeper/wider context than what is in front of [...]
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Valuable Lessons for Product Managers— Part 1

There is always another way. Every problem can be solved in multiple ways. Here is the thing about the problem; it appears different to different people. Most people react to the problem's symptoms, which means that different people can experience different symptoms. Sometimes you try to solve the symptoms for a certain group of people. [...]
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7 lessons you must learn from the genius minds of all time to become a successful product manager.

I am passionate about my work as a product owner. I have grown into the role of product management in the past decade. I am excited to wake up every morning and go to work. I always get butterflies in my stomach when I hear about the new product or idea I should be working [...]
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Next Steps After Getting the BA Job

By the way, congrats on landing the job- the hard part is over; what follows next is a series of trials & errors, fits and sleepless nights (weirdly, I personally find these thrilling). Anyway, contrary to popular assumptions, you won’t get into a project immediately, and if you are asked to pick up a project […]

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How to run an effective session with a Virtual/Collocated Agile SAFe Team

Introduction Agile ways of working have enabled teams to improve their ways of working and become high-performing teams. A key event at the end of the team’s iteration is the iteration or sprint review. It is an opportunity for the team to gain feedback on the product and check its progress. It is not for […]

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Product Ownership & Value Stream Maps

When you think of Product Owners, you think of product delivery using the Agile Scrum framework, which includes the facilitation of scrum ceremonies and the observation (depending on the maturity of the scrum team) of the daily stand-ups (the facilitation is for the scrum master). One of the joys of being a Product Owner is [...]
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The Problem with User Tasks in Process Analysis

A user task is a task that is performed by a human with the help of a software (e.g. typing a document into MS Word). As you know, the human behaviour, in its uniqueness, is plagued with characteristics such as errors, bias and delays-- all of which systems and automations are immune to. This write-up [...]
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The Wonders of Value Stream Mapping

Finding out what is important to your project is all about realizing its value to the project and the customer. In this article we explore the value of teams perform a useful technique called Value Stream Mapping, in it we find out what value is, what a value stream is and how mapping value streams [...]