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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

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1. Business Analysis competencies are divided into three groups . Which of the following are the groups of competencies for a Business Analyst?

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Who should be defined as the owner of a risk?

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Which of the following would BEST be managed with the “keep satisfied” stakeholder management strategy?

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In which of the following business analysis area does the traditional systems analyst role permanently operate?

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The business activity model shows the doing activities of a business system. Which element of CATWOE do these activities relate to?

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One of the claimed advantages of buying a software package is that it is possible to predict future maintenance cost with some certainty. How would these costs be classified in a cost benefit analysis?

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7. A use case Place order must always invoke a related use case Check Credit. How is the association between the two use cases shown?

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8. The change curve shows the range of emotions experience by people when facing change. One of the axes on the graphs is Time, What is the other axis?

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What occurs at the handoffs when two actors do not synchronise their work?

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When is the self esteem of individuals affected by a change process usually at its lowest?

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Linking a piece of delivered software functionality with a requirement is known as which of the following?

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In a particular organization it a common practice to call all managers by their first name. It is part of the culture of the organisation. Newcomers are quickly corrected if they do not follow this informal approach. What would knowing about this convention be classified as in Requirement Engineering?

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Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain?

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Which of the following models shows the driving and resisting forces of change?

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An analyst has discovered that a company wishes to hold information about departments and employees. A department may have the many employees in it, but each employee can at any one time, only work in one department. There is no requirement to store historical information. However, there are currently eight departments and over one hundred employees. How would this relationship be shown on an Entity Relationship diagram?

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When undertaking business system modelling how many Business activity Models (BAM’s) are initially produced.

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The following is a list of statements concerning investigation techniques.

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In which of the following circumstances is supplier power high?

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Which of the following is likely to be shown as a process in a swim lane diagram of a library book borrowing system?

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Which of the following are steps in the Isaken and Treffingers creative problem solving model?

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