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What’s a Product Owner to Do?

When I coach companies on Lean and Agile methodologies, I strive to have dedicated, co-located Product Owners (POs), Scrum Masters, and teams. In the 21st century and given our current context, many companies involved in a SAFe® transformation have POs and Scrum Masters who are leading multiple remote teams.  It can be challenging to coach […]

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POs and PMs: A Dynamic Duo

Welcome to the second post in our series about best practices to create a healthy relationship between product owners and product managers that drives product success. You can read the first post here. I’ve heard lots of metaphors used to describe the relationship between a product owner (PO) and a product manager (PM). One of […]

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The Four Startups Mindset

The digital startup’s ecosystem has evolved rapidly after it birth during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s since then various species of startups have been given birth to in all kinds of industry and even emerged new industries. The likes of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Jumia and Interswitch in Africa have shown the level of […]

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What Agile Methodology is Best For Your Development Teams in 2020?

It’s a debate all Agile teams have. What exactly is the best Agile development approach? What even is an agile methodology? The Agile Methodology is a type of project management process, commonly used in web development projects. This helps manage demands, solutions, and collaborative effort between cross-functional teams. This can be managed whilst using different […]

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